Bank Takeout

Because we want your business to succeed, PG Finance offers a diminishing rate instead of an add-on rate.

Our computation is based on your outstanding balance, not the original loan amount, ensuring that you pay interest expenses that are fair.

Fifteen percent of our clients graduate to bank loans and gain access to cheaper rates. With PG Finance, bank take-outs or any form of pre-payments are welcomed without any penalties. Unlike other financing institutions, we only require you to pay the outstanding balance and the associated interest. Other financing institutions require you to pay the total interest on the original loan balance, but PG Finance does not.

Penalties: Other financing institutions charge a 15% penalty on delayed payments, based on the current payment due. At PG Finance, we understand that businesses are not always guaranteed, so we only charge a 5% penalty, prorated on a per-day basis for missed payments.

At PG Finance, we want our partners to upscale and have a better future ahead of them!

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