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Bank Take-Out Loans

PG Finance can help you unlock the full potential of your business through Bank Take-Out Loans, also known as Refinancing.

Refinancing your existing debts with our help can result in a higher approved loan amount and extended repayment terms.

About 15% of our clients successfully pay off their bank loans through our take-out financing, which enables them to enjoy lower interest rates. Unlike other financing institutions, we welcome bank take-outs and any form of pre-payments without imposing any penalties. Instead of paying total interest on the original loan balance, you only need to pay the outstanding balance and associated interest with us.

Why PG Finance is Your Best Choice

Other lenders impose a 15% penalty on late payments based on the current payment owed. At PG Finance, we recognize that businesses face uncertainties and may miss payments. Therefore, we only impose a 5% penalty, which is prorated on a per-day basis for any missed payment.

As your trusted financing partner, we aim to support you in growing your business and achieving profitability.

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